I Bet These Kitties Will Blame It On The Dog! Funniest Video Ever… I Can’t Stop Laughing!

Christmas trees are often tempting for toddlers. They’re just so shiny and sparkly. Heck, that’s why adults love them. They are simply mesmerizing… and irresistible… for cats!

So what happens when you combine 17 cats and a beautiful. dazzling winter wonderland? Every cat lover knows the answer to this question! Let me explain:

The makers of Temptations kitty treats setup a bunch of Christmas decorations in the middle of a room. They used decorated Christmas trees of different sizes and colors, a few snow globes, a bunch of Santa’s socks and shoes, a toy train set, a big fat roasted turkey on a table in the midst of everything… OMG! There is more Christmas stuff there that you can see for yourself in this video.

Then they introduce 17 adorable (yet naughty) kitties into the mix… and you can guess what happens!

It’s a veritable kitty cat playground that no cat can possibly resist. Just watch what happens in this amazing video below:


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