Watch This Little Boy Asks Marine If He’s Santa Claus! It’s For A Very Special Reason!

The United States Marine Corps are well known for their exploits these past 240 years. From the shores of Tripoli to the decisive battles on the islands of the Pacific Ocean, the countless men who have served in the Corps will always be looked at with respect and awe.

But while these men have always been known for their bravery and prowess on the battlefield, they’ve also got a bit of a soft spot for the children of the country they’re so honorably defending. Perhaps it’s because of the children back home that they fight so fiercely, but when it comes time to serve their own community the brave men and women of the Corps will do their very best to ensure that their children are well taken care of.

The Toys for Tots program was established back in 1947 just a few years after the war, and when Major Bill Hendricks, USMCR, decided to give toys to the less fortunate children of his community, he had no idea that such an idea was going to spread all across the country in a few short years!

As the program got bigger, more and more people have donated new toys for kids all across the country. No child should go without a new toy for Christmas, and it’s no surprise that the Marines made it their mission to offer hope to those younger people who might need a bit of help.

Because when those children grow up, they’ll always know that if they want an example of a responsible, productive, and patriotic person, all they need do is look to the Marine Corps for inspiration!

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