Watch As This Man Encounters A Surprising Twist When He Tries To Rescue This Cat

It can take a lot of courage to save an animal in need. Whether you’re a firefighter making your way up a tree to save a stranded kitten or a resident picking up an abandoned puppy from the side of the street, you never really know just what you’re getting into. To save an animal from danger is a heroic act that deserves praise, and it’s beautiful when humans are able to set aside their problems and care for a small, helpless creature.

When you’re working your way over to the animal, you often try to be as approachable and gentle as possible to avoid scaring them further. Sometimes this works, but sometimes the animal gets stuck in an even deeper rut as they cower in fear. Your priority is always to keep the animal safe, and if you can let them know you’re there to help, you might be golden.

Things don’t always go according to plan, though, and some animals have ideas of their own. Even if they were stuck in one place for a long time, they might suddenly understand how they can escape if something pushes them to grow even more fearful of their surroundings. In the video you’re about to see, the almost-hero was in for a real surprise when he got close to a kitty in need.

When he spotted the cat, he knew he had to climb down a ladder to rescue the poor feline. When he got closer, though, the cat grew a little braver. Wait until you see what happens next!

You never know what to expect when it comes to cats, do you? They’re truly hilarious creatures! Be sure to share the surprising clip with your friends, family, and fellow feline lovers! Then, leave a comment down below detailing your thoughts!