Watch This Man’s Hilarious Failed Attempt To Teach His Pet To Use A Door For Cats

All cat owners know that if cats want to come inside they usually meow or scratch at the door, but the star of this video – Philo the Cat is much more human than feline. Not so long ago, his dad, Brian, took nearly two hours to install a new cat door so his dear four-legged friend could come and go whenever he wants.

When everything was ready, Brian decided to call Phil over to capture his reaction to the new camera. “Try out your new door,” Dad says. “Good Kitty!” The cat walks up to the front door, looking back into the camera with hesitation. But being encouraged by his dad he comes closer to his new kitty door. And when at last Dad’s efforts are about to pay off, Philo reminds us how smart and sassy these pets can truly be.

I think you may know what comes next, but I don’t want to spoil the moment. It’s just too hilarious! So hilarious, in fact, that this video has already gone viral!

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