Watch This Man’s Incredible Creativity To Rescue A Kitten From A Tree!

Powder is a cat that is very scared. This darling cat spent the better part of 5 days stuck at the very top of a thin branch on a 50-foot tall pine tree. The cat somehow made his way up the tree, but was too terrified to get down on his own.

Then a man decided that he had to do something to help this cat. It was breaking his heart that this cat was stuck at the top of this tree. It took him 20 minutes to get to the top of the tree when he began to climb up to rescue the cat and he made contact with the cat at that point. The cat began to climb down to the man but decided he was too scared to do it.

That’s when this man became even more creative.

Watch this video to find out what this amazing man did to help Powder the cat!

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