Watch Maximus the cat sing to boom boom by the Outhere brothers! Who’s the popstar in town?

When music runs in the family, it is natural to burst into song at any given moment. For this music lover, his musical feline decided to join in his singing one day which really surprised him! This may not be a choir, but the kitty’s perfect entrance in the song totally amazed me!

This short video captures Maximus the cat joining his owner Mat Ambrose as they sing together to “Boom Boom Boom” by the Outhere Brothers. This Bengal cat sure knows how to make an entrance and knows how to really get the attention in the room! Keep an eye out for this cat – you know he’s gonna be big someday in the music world – if this video doesn’t already catapult him to the Top of the Pops!

It’s great when even your pets love music and can join in the musical fun! I loved this hysterical video. Being a music lover, seeing the cat join in absolutely made my day. Did you watch the video? Do you have any stories of any musically inclined pets? SHARE this video with your friends and send us your messages and stories in the comments section below! We want to hear from you!