Watch What May Be The World’s Most Talented Cat Do Some Incredible Tricks

Cats can be wonderful pets. They’re intelligent, sensitive creatures, nimble and elegant. Cats will engage in play with their humans, but normally it’s strictly on feline terms. Performing tricks? That’s just not the kind of thing cats do.

There are sometimes exceptions. With a lot of careful effort, it is possible to teach cats tricks. Positive reinforcement using treats, bribery if you want to call it that, is essential. It may be possible to transition from all-treats-all-the-time to using a clicker. A punishment approach only causes stress and is definitely counterproductive. Cats only have so much attention span, so a short daily session is probably the way to go.

So now it’s time to meet Didga. She’s a pretty tabby with a white belly and paws. She’s gone from being a 13 week-old shelter cat to being an on-line celebrity. Didga can boast of almost a million followers on social media who keep up with her latest adventures. When they say that cats rule the internet, it’s no exaggeration!

As you’ll see in the video we’ve posted, Didga the cat loves performing tricks. This amusing little movie starts with Didga having a dream about going on-line and watching some dog’s video. Somehow the dog has over 11 million views. A dog! After waking up, Didga the cat shows us some of her own talents. She has her own unique “purrkour” routine. She runs roughshod over dogs and even rides one while it paddles along in a swimming pool! Didga can ride surfboards and skateboards. She does all sorts of acrobatics and can literally stop on a dime. She can swim and do somersaults. The litterbox, you say? Not for Didga. She can use the human’s toilet and flush it herself!

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