Watch Moment When Special Forces Soldier Runs Through Rain of Gunfire To Save Girl From ISIS

People always say that wars don’t have winners. It’s true, everyone loses. Some people lose a loved one, a brother or father. Some people lose everything they have, everything they know. The war on terror has cost many lives. Friends and foes have died on the same battlefield.

One of the fiercest enemies the U.S. Armed Forces have encountered is ISIS. We all have seen the videos. People being killed in cold blood, bombs being set off. ISIS has made sure terror is in a lot of people’s minds and they have succeeded.

ISIS have wanted to take complete control of Iraq for some time now. They have been advancing city by city, with only the Allies to stop them. Every day is a battle for the soldiers. Bullets are flying everywhere, bodies are scattered, smoke filling the air. Besides the smoke, you can smell fear. Fear in the eyes of the survivors.

For the Allied Forces, getting to them is as difficult as staying alive. They are showered with bullets at the turn of every corner. Getting to each survivor proves a challenging task. Some of the people who are able to survive one of ISIS’ massacres end up dying before any help can reach them. The terrorists routinely go back to the sites where they have done mass-killing just to see if anyone survive and kill them there.

The U.S. Army and its many allies try to also scout these sites looking for survivors. Even saving one survivor is worthwhile. The survivor that they can rescue is usually wounded. They are usually put in the hands of Iraqi doctors. Many of the survivors hide under the corpses for days until they are found. Many of the survivors are kids that are turned into orphans.

David Eubank has been working as an aid for over 10 years. His mission has been to rescue as many people as he can and get them to safety. He has been successful many times. He is part of a group called the “Free Burma Rangers.” He was made famous by a video that surfaced on the Internet. He and his fellow aids were in Mosul, a city ISIS has been trying to get control of for months. Suddenly they encountered a group of people who had been massacred by ISIS near a wall. Among them, lies a small girl hidden under her mother’s corpse. David makes eye contact with the girl. Before anyone can say anything, he runs to get the girls under a rain of bullets. David thinks this will be his last day.