Watch This Monkey Barter Stolen Goods In Exchange Of Food!

Animals may be the only endearing pickpockets in the world! I mean we are all used to being attentive to possible human wrongdoers but when animals take our valuables we are blind sighted! The mixture between amusement, surprise and worry is enough to floor even the most seasoned of tourists!

Take these mischievous monkeys overseas, Yet, as you’ll see below, clever monkeys abroad are stealing tons of important things from human travelers. Unlike the animals who might steal your food – like those hilarious raccoons caught eating grapes or the giraffe who will take a carrot right from your mouth – these monkeys are snatching flip-flops, sunglasses, hats, and even electronics. And there’s a brilliant reason behind their stealing ways.

They use these stolen goods to barter for food, it is a well document animal behavior and if you wish to learn more about it you could check out Chris Packham’s episode on BBC’s Worlds Sneakiest Animals.  “Some fool other species for food and monkeys who steal valuables from humans and then barter for their return. These animals lying, cheating, and hustling really will stop at nothing to get a meal,” Packham Explains. Isn’t that crazy?

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