Watch This Moving Video About The Power Of Animal Adoption!

Animal adoption has the power to help heal the deepest of emotional wounds! Homeless people usually adopt animals that end up boosting their self-esteem and will generally push them in a direction towards self-improvement.  If you don’t believe this, the following video will leave you speechless.

World Wide Recognized Pedigree produced a campaign entitled, First Days Out,  which features the stories of two ex-convicts that are trying their best to get their lives together after prison. Matt, 23, was arrested for grand larceny and burglary. Joey, 38, spent 12 years in jail for armed robbery. When they were released from prison, Matt and Joey struggled to fit back into society. They felt alone. Joey had no family, and Matt’s father kicked him out of their home.

Both of them ended up adopting at their local animal shelter.  They identified greatly with the dogs there, homeless, unwanted, in their own “prisons”. Matt fell in love with a dog named Jeanie, and Joey instantly bonded with a dog named Sadie. These little companions helped both men to add structure to their lives and reconnect with society. It wasn’t long before the men cleaned themselves up and began looking for jobs.

Find out how they are doing today in the video below, and please share if this story of unique friendship moved you!

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