This Tiny Bulldog Puppy is Dreaming Big

There are very few things that are as cute as a newborn puppy, and if you’re one of the lucky pet parents who has had the privilege of having one at home, you know exactly what I mean.

Watching a dog sleep soundly can be truly precious, and if you take all that cuteness and put it in a tiny puppy, well, you’re really in for an adorable treat. Just look at the doggy in the video below.


This little adorable bulldog puppy in the video is having a nap. But what he is doing in his dreams is beyond me. He is certainly racing around somewhere in la-la-land. A few times, I thought he might be thinking he was a bunny (look at those tiny legs’ running’).

This little guy was only 12 days at the time of this video, and he is as precious as they come. He may be a tiny little guy, but he sure is dreaming big.

This Tiny Bulldog Puppy is Dreaming Big