Watch Out Fido Here Comes Robo-Dog, Sheep Herding For Tomorrow

In New Zealand, a robotic dog named Spot has been created to herd sheep. The local software design company Rocos is using a Boston Dynamics-designed robot to work farms to make up for a shortage of workers.

Agriculture in New Zealand is turning to robotics to ease the pressure on an industry suffering from a workforce shortage. You’ll be blown away by just how effectively Spot herds sheep, traversing all landscapes while having the sheep respond as they would to a dog.

As soon as the robotic Spot walks intently towards the sheep, they start behaving like sheep and moving. It won’t be long before farms all across the country will be able to make use of robotics to facilitate precision farming despite the number of workers available.

Incredibly, the same robot that is being trained and used to herd sheep on a farm is the identical robot being tested in Singapore for social distancing purposes. Here it performs perfectly while working equally as well to help Singaporeans maintain distance in a public park.