Pentatonix Cover of ‘Imagine’ is All You Would Expect, And More

If you could pick a favorite song out of all the ones out there, which one would you pick? Tough one, right? I wonder how our music industry would look and sound like if we hadn’t had the great classical geniuses like Chopin, Mozart, and Beethoven. I think our music would sound different. If you could choose to be either a scientist or an artist, what would you choose?

What this world needs are more artists, more people who feel and can transmit to others those feelings. There are many artists that have made us feel many things with their songs. One of them was John Lennon. He was the main songwriter along with McCartney with The Beatles. He composed several songs that became hymns for teenagers back then. One of his best songs, if not the best, is a song called ‘Imagine.’


What makes this song so much better than the rest? The message it has. It speaks of a dream of a world, where there’s no discrimination, and everyone can live in peace. What better message than this one?

There have been many groups that have covered this song, but none makes it sound or gives you the chills quite like Pentatonix. This acapella group always presents a brilliant version of whatever they are singing, but this video will give you chills. The diversity and range of Pentatonix are remarkable and never disappoints.

Pentatonix Cover of \'Imagine\' is All You Would Expect, And More