Watch The People In The Crowd When This Older Man Drops His Hat On The Street

Life is full of surprises. Paths change, relationships evolve, and new passions spring up at some of the most unexpected times. Take Martin Hurkens, a former baker-turned-opera-singer who ended up performing on Holland’s Got Talent – and winning! With such a beautiful voice, you’d think the man had been singing professionally all his life, but his career change couldn’t have been more drastic.

He had always had a great love for singing, even winning a music scholarship and being accepted by a school in Brunssum. However, he lost his shot at making it big, and became a baker. It was looking like Martin would never have the chance to pursue his real passion ever again, but he took to the streets when he needed to provide for his family. He was adored by crowds during his time as a street performer, and he realized it was time to take things to the next level.

Martin took the leap and made it on Holland’s Got Talent. Although his competition consisted mostly of energetic young folk, his incredible voice allowed home to take home the winning title. Even though he made it big on a television show, he continues to sing for street crowds as a way of staying true to where he comes from and refusing to forget how he got to his current position. Below, you can watch one of his beautiful street performances, where he sings “You Raise Me Up” to a totally awestruck audience.

It’s clear that this man was born to sing. You’ll be so touched by his breathtaking voice! It’s no wonder why the crowd is so mesmerized. You’ll understand as soon as you press play. Be sure to share this video with your friends and leave your thoughts on this singer’s wonderful, natural talent below!