Watch This Pitbull Take Care Of His Disabled Bulldog Bud, Bonsai!

Meet Bonsai the Bulldog he is afflicted with caudal regression and sacrocaudal dysgenesis, likely combined with a variation of spina bifida. He had to receive a bilateral amputation of the rear legs in order to be able to retain at least some measure of mobility. Despite how taxing this extreme procedure turned out to be, Bonsai has been able to recover, with the help of the caretakers at Friends Of Emma.

While staying at this critical care center for rescue dogs, he became friends with Ransom, an abandoned Pit Bull that was born with short tendons. He was left as trash, to his fate, by his breeders when he was 5-weeks-old. They have been inseparable ever since the day they met.

Bonsai has healed up and now he get to enjoy a happy life, his caretakers help him enjoy a little fun in the great outdoors. Your heart will melt when you see him put on his little doggie sized life jacket! You can’t help but smile when you see how Ransom stays put at Bonsai’s side!

Check out the video below as Bonsai happily splashes around the kiddy pool with his watchful partner Ransom!

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