Watch the quartet “Four Strings” surprise people singing: “O Come All Ye Faithful”!

Christmas season is in the air, and with it, all the sounds and smells of the season. What’s your favorite holiday tradition? There are so many. Decorating the Christmas tree, putting up the decorations, preparing Christmas dinner, and singing Christmas carols. There’s always something for everyone. Personally, I enjoy everything. There’s something about this season that always puts me in a good mood.

Personally, I could not pick one over the other. When you start decorating your house, everyone in the family gets into it. It’s like you’re announcing to the world that you’re waiting for the best season of the year. Each house has different decorations and there seems to be a ‘friendly competition’ of whose house looks the nicest.

For me, one of the biggest challenges seems to be putting up the Christmas lights. It is also the one that brings the biggest satisfaction. When I finally get it, I light up the house and show my creation to the family. Decorating the tree is always fun, too. I always like to buy a few new ornaments and mix them with the old ones to make the tree look fresher.

Singing Christmas carols has not been my strong point, but that doesn’t mean I don’t try. What we do is usually gather a few of the relatives up, and practice for a few days before going to all the family’s houses to sing the most well-known carols. We may not sound like recording artists, but we sure try.

I always like to watch a few videos on YouTube featuring people singing Christmas carols. It kind of gets me in the Christmas spirit and provides a source of inspiration for the days to come. Over the years I’ve seen many talented people showcase their talent at this time of the year.

This next video raises the bar quite a few notches. The video starts with the camera showing a few houses in a neighborhood. There are a lot of people running around plugging in a lot of electronic devices. I can see a speaker or a pair of them, there’s a truck full of supplies and a bunch of people running around and hiding behind a few bushes. Then, a little girl rings the first doorbell and the rest goes to hide. The homeowner opens the door and the little girl starts singing. A few seconds later, the real magic starts to appear!