Watch Rachel Ray Transform Dollar Store Items Into Thanksgiving Table Decorations! It’s Easy!

There’s nothing quite like setting the stage for a perfect Thanksgiving dinner, and who better to do it than Rachel Ray, Food Network’s sweetheart! After all, this is a holiday that’s mostly about food and family, so you want to create a table that will make everyone feel the spirit of the occasion.

That’s why we take special pride in every detail, from cooking signature family dishes like these deliciously quirky stuffing waffles, to making sure the whole house is festive and autumnal! Plus, to be quite honest, there’s something really nice and meditative about taking the quiet time before all of the guests arrive to carefully lay the perfect table.

Of course, the only drawback is that most beautiful Thanksgiving tables in magazines and on Pinterest are populated with tons of pricey glassware and silver cutlery. Not everyone can afford that kind of table.

Fortunately, the Rachael Ray Show‘s John Gidding and Genevieve Gorder are here to show us that we don’t need a hutch full of heirloom china and crystal to make our Thanksgiving table spectacular. You can do it for less than $100 if you go to your local dollar store on a targeted mission.

From $1 jars of spices to decorative dried corn husks, you can find everything you need at your local dollar store. Check out the video below to see the affordable and simple supplies that go into make a perfectly tasteful table!

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