Watch as this seal just wants his tummy tickled by a diver!

I have a theory regarding animals. I believe that all animals have a playful side to them. I think they are more like children than we think. I’ve seen countless videos of people interacting with animals, especially the ones where humans have raised them since they were babies. All of them have the same thing in common: animals wanting to play all day.

I remember watching a video of a couple who loved grizzly bears. The couple was about 45-50 years old. They were married but did not have any children. Ever since they got married they have been taking care of a group of bears that they found abandoned. Their mother was apparently killed, and the cubs were left to fend for themselves.

At the time the video was taken, the bears were full-size adults. The man was average size, but the bears looked huge next to him. The man loved to play with the bears and for him, they were like his children. He did mention that he needed to be careful when playing with the bears because if they wanted to hurt him, he would be no match. Not that they were aggressive towards him or anything. Only that they were very heavy and sometimes not aware of the incredible strength they have.

There have been other cases such as a man in South America who loved to play with a crocodile. The story came to be when the crocodile was spotted by a local farmer and shot. The crocodile was left badly injured and would die shortly after. This is when one of the residents saw him and dragged him closer to his house where he treated his injuries.

Against all forecasts, the crocodile recovered fully and before you know it he was back on the lake. The person who had rescued him would go into the water with him in his recovery process and once the crocodile had recovered he continued to go into the water to play with him. When the man was interviewed, the man said that he was not afraid of the crocodile.

The two of them became friends after the crocodile’s ordeal and would be seen playing every day. In the years following the crocodile incident, the man was never attacked by the crocodile. They were very close apparently and no other neighbor dared to go into the lake with the crocodile, even if the man was present at the time.

The following story is one of friendship as well. It’s between a diver and a seal. Gary was diving one day when he spotted a seal swimming. Suddenly, the seal approached Gary and touched his nose to his. When Gary was approached while swimming in the Scilly Isles he wasn’t afraid or worried about being attacked. What happened next will get more than a giggle out of you, guaranteed!