Watch This Silly Cat And Her Bread Pillow And What She Does With It

Silly cat! Why, she’s never without her bread pillow which she rests her chin on all the time. Why is that, cat? Do you have a head that’s far too big and heavy for you to carry?

When I say bread pillow, I mean a pillow that looks like a slice of bread. At first, I thought it actually was several slices of bread together that she was resting on. When I say this cat rests her head on it all the time, I mean all the time! She is quite the princess who apparently cannot lower herself to put her head on the ground. Literally. No matter what this cat does, she rests her head on the pillow.

She also apparently loves to watch tennis, or any sport where an object goes back and forth. I think at one time, her owner was swinging something in a stick just to make her turn her head back and forth as it rested on the bread pillow. And I wonder if this cat blinks. She didn’t appear to blink in the entire video.

This princess of a cat looks pretty cute propped up on her bread pillow and her fascination with balls and other objects that go back and forth is pretty curious too. You won’t believe how long she can go without blinking either.

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