Watch This Smuggled Bear’s Cutest Reaction Ever To His New Playground Set.

Of all the animals that have been rescued by organizations, bears are among the most notable. Many countries in Asia have poachers who trade wild animals for profit. They are obviously the least concerned with the animal’s safety. At times, killing one animal is not enough. Whenever cubs are involved, they usually must kill their mother as well.

This is exactly what happened in the case of a bear cub named Murphy. Murphy was playing alongside his mother one day when they were spotted by poachers. The poachers had a plan and it was executed to perfection. The plan was to kill the mother and use her fur for black-market trade. For Murphy, they already had special plans. It turns out that some places in Asia have some sort of “farms.” These farms harvest the bile from cubs. This is later sold as an ingredient to manufacture some medications.

When the poachers get close enough to Murphy and his mother, they move-in fast. His mother is shot and left there to be taken care of later. Murphy becomes an orphan at only six-weeks-old. The poacher puts Murphy inside a backpack and makes his way to the farm to sell him. While he is on his way, he is captured by a government agency and charged for his horrific crimes.

A government agency takes custody of Murphy. He is sent to a sanctuary to be able to grow as normal as he can. These sanctuaries are made possible thanks to the efforts of government agencies and partner organizations. They not only provide a haven for these bear cubs, they also give them access to round-the-clock care and a loving family as well.

Murphy is not alone at the sanctuary. He is first introduced to Goldie. They both seem to hit it off right away. There are also introduced to two other bear cubs. When Murphy was rescued, he was so little that he wasn’t even able to stand or walk for a long time. He had to be taught all this at the sanctuary. And the caretakers were very happy to do it.

The sanctuary is like an oversized playground for Murphy. When they open the door and let Murphy out, he cannot believe his eyes. There are dozens of toys for him to play with and explore. He so happy, that he doesn’t even know what to try first. His reaction will melt your heart. Please share this video when you finish watching it. There’s nothing more rewarding than witnessing an animal’s second chance at life. Fortunately for Murphy, he’s no longer alone!