Watch This Squirrel Hilariously Outsmart This Cat

Cats are notorious for getting themselves into trouble, chasing after, and batting at anything that catches their eye. When it comes to having an uninvited insect or critter in your house, this cat trait can actually come in handy, although they usually like to swat at insects for a while and then leave them right in the kitchen or next to your bed for you to step on.

No matter how big or small, cats have a tendency to think they can chase down and catch anything, from lions chasing after jeeps, to house cats chasing after big dogs.

The cat in this video is just like the rest of them, and decides he is going to chase after a squirrel in his front yard. This ends up being a chase that takes him out of the yard, down the street, and clear up a telephone pole.

The funny thing is that, once he is up the pole, the squirrel has him right where he wants him, because his small size and quick speed allow him to maneuver just out of paw’s reach and the cat’s sight!

The whole thing was caught on camera by a neighbor who also captures the moment that the cat finally gives up this hilarious game of “Cat and Squirrel.”

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