High School Girls Delight With Homecoming Dance Twist!

Who can forget high school assemblies? It was a time when the entire school got together in the gymnasium. Sometimes the mood was somber, but most of the times, assemblies were a time of fun. We got out of the monotony of our regular classes, right?!

Of course, Homecoming was always a special time of the year.  Our team would return from their longest road trip of the season. The game itself, whether it be football or another sport, typically features the home team playing a considerably weaker opponent. The game is supposed to be an “easy win” and it binds us together as a school.

Homecoming assemblies were a unique treat. Do you remember? After the players were introduced, there was always some kind of entertainment, and I’m not just talking about the pep band (of which I can say I was a proud member, played the trombone!)

Well, you’re in for something special. You’re invited to attend the Homecoming assembly of the Walden Grove High School in Sahuarita, Arizona!

These high school girls are going to perform a unique musical number from “The Wizard of Oz”. You’re going to have a birds-eye view straight from the bleachers. While the tune and times have changed, the perspective will bring back memories.

The performance starts out in black and white — just like the 1939 classic. Then the colorless, monochromatic view gives way to a full-color spectacle. Sound familiar? Kudos to these kids.

“The Wizard of Oz” is one of our favorites. If you aren’t old enough to remember the original 1939 release, then certainly you remember how before the advent of VHS and DVDs, the TV networks would treat us once-a-year and broadcast the film over the air so we could all watch it on TVs. Remember those days?

The boys and girls Walden Grove decided to raise the bar a couple of notches more. They are going to present the same play, the Wizard of Oz, but with a unique twist that is bound to make you jump out of your seat and join along.

Watch and please leave them your review in the comments box below and pass their video along to a friend who you know likes the Wizard of Oz as much as you and I do. Enjoy!

High School Girls Delight With Homecoming Dance Twist!