Watch This Sweet Mommy Cat Teach Her Tiny Kitten How To Drink

Sometimes when we do something for the first time, we need a little help and maybe an example of what we should do. Apparently, cats are no different. This tiny kitten has never had any water from a water bowl and he needs a little help figuring out how to act like one of the big cats. Lucky for him, his mom is a great caretaker and patiently teaches him, although it takes him a few minutes to figure it out! What’s amazing is that we see just one of the many things mother cats teach their kittens.

While all cats are born with a natural hunting instinct, they aren’t born being successful hunters. Learning how to stalk and catch prey is something a mother cat teachers her babies to do so they’ll be able to survive as they get older. What’s more is that if her mother never taught her to hunt, she won’t be able to teach her kittens. Mother cats also teach their kittens when they bite too hard and how to play nicely with others, how to clean themselves and how to eat and drink even, as you will see in this next clip.

Whatever kittens learn from their mother, the process is always adorable. We just loved watching this little kitten learn what water is and how to drink it. Do you have any stories about mommy cats teaching their babies the ways of life?

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