Watch the amazing transformation of this once rejected tiny kitten! AMAZING!

When I hear of heart-wrenching rescues I usually think of dogs, but there are quite a few videos out there that feature other animals that deserve rescuing as well. I recently saw a video featuring a baby donkey and his mother. This happened in India last year. A group of rescuers got a call to rescue a baby donkey that had been attacked by wild animals.

When the rescuers got there, they saw the baby donkey was not in very good shape. According to some neighbors, they heard the donkey crying and a lot of grunting noises that made them go and check on him. When the neighbors arrived, they found the donkey on the ground with multiple bite wounds. They knew that if the baby donkey did not receive immediate medical attention, then his life would be at risk. Some of them put some powder as a home-remedy on the wounds, so it could stop the bleeding.

That might have been one of the keys that allowed him to gain a little bit of time. When the rescuers examined the wounds, they noticed that they were deep, and he would definitely need stitches. One thing that rescuers have failed to acknowledge was that the baby’s mother was also there watching everything go down and did not want to leave his baby’s side.

They knew getting the baby donkey to their shelter might be complicated as the baby’s mother might interpret their efforts as attempts to hurt the baby. So, they came up with a brilliant idea. Why not take the mother with them? And that’s exactly what they did. They took the mother with them and made sure she got to be with her baby as soon as doctors finished working on his wounds.

Well, I recently saw another of these heart-wrenching rescues that made me gasp for a moment. This next story features a kitty who was recently rescued. When you see his eyes and demeanor, you’ll be able to confirm just how broken his spirit was. The worst thing was that he was so young. What could have happened to him to make him so sad?

The rescuers found him abandoned and decided to give him the best second chance possible. They bathed the kitty and noticed he had a very serious skin condition. With some antibiotics and a lot of tender loving care, the kitty was in the best shape of his life. Sit back and click on the video to see the amazing transformation!