Watch The Artistic Song ‘When The Party Is Over’ Backed By Some Of The Most Striking Visuals in Show Biz

Don’t Miss ‘When The Party Is Over’ – Billy Eilish’s Deep Dark Track That’ll Shock You With Contrast

Billie Eilish delivers another obscure but addictive track with her deep, dark song ‘When the party’s over.’ From the moment this video sets its simple but strong contrast of colors upon you, you’re looking on the symphonic, melodic sounds of Billie’s voice.

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i owe everything to this drawing. a girl gave me this at a show and i don’t exactly remember where or when. i just remember being mesmerized by it. immediately i thought of everything you see in that video. talked to my whole team and explained exactly what i wanted. (THEYRE AMAZING AND DO THE DOPEST SHIT TO HELP TURN MY IDEAS INTO REAL SHIT) i wrote down and drew everything, took a chair and small table to my backyard and had my mom pretend to be me so i could film exactly how i wanted the video to look. every frame, every angle, when and where i wanted it to zoom in and out, what i wanted to wear, exactly how i wanted to pick up and put down the glass. and when i wanted the black to leak from my eyes. (youll see that video one day) sent it to my people who sent it to carlos the director. he made that shit come to life. the shoot day was 12 hours long and we did maybe six full take with the black ink in my eyes..THAT SHIT WAS REALLY IN MY EYES OK THAT WAS VERY VERY REAL. DONT PLAY ME MAN THAT SHIT WAS REAL AND IT STUNG. i hate these long ass captions but i needed to give credit and love to everyone who worked long and hard on this beautiful video. to my brother who wrote this song. and to the kid who drew this. mainly i need to just say… all of your art, makes art. never stop. thank you.

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It all starts with Billie sitting in a room of white and drinking down a glass full of what can only be best described as ‘black’, it’s just moments before black tears start streaming out of her eyes – a scene inspired by fan art and directed by Carlos Lopez Estrada.

og1 Watch The Artistic Song ‘When The Party Is Over’ Backed By Some Of The Most Striking Visuals in Show Biz

Billie Eilish collaborated with her brother Finneas O’Connell to record this moving track that reached global acclaim. He says that it was a difficult song to conclude but “hundreds and hundreds of vocal layers layer,” they were both satisfied with their creation. It seems they were right!

“I sat down on the front of the stage and made everyone back up a little bit, which meant they were still right in my face and I had phones in my face, but it was a real moment I had with them.” explained Billie to Coup de Main Magazine discussing her first live performance of ‘When the party’s over.’.

She continued “It was face-to-face with them and singing something that I’d never sung for anybody that’s also really close to me.” The emotion that Billie put into this track certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed, with it quickly becoming a fan favorite.

Watch Billie’s emotional performance backed by inspired visuals in ‘When the party’s over.’