Watch the awesome rendition of a 12-year-old blind girl that brings the judges to tears!

Sometimes we think that we are having a rough day because we run out of luck for a couple of things we had planned. Have you heard of the saying, “It does not matter the hand you were dealt in life, what matters is how you play it?” This is very true. Like many people, I have sometimes felt that the cosmos and all the forces have conspired against me because of some unfortunate events.

But after a brief time, I realized that what I thought would be something very difficult to handle, it really was not as serious as I had thought. I have met many people in my life that have taught me the meaning of being humble and grateful for everything we have been given. One of them was a guy called Freddy. Freddy is a guy who loves life. Every day he would tell me how happy he was to be alive.

He was always in a good mood and very optimistic about what the future had for him. Everything in Freddy’s demeanor spoke of a person who had everything, maybe even more than many people. I never saw him depressed or unhappy about his situation. You see, Freddy was born with a condition in his legs that had bound him to a wheelchair since he was a toddler.

But that didn’t show in any way. He taught me many things over the years I shared with him. But overall, it was being happy with every single thing life has given you. At times, you might think that you don’t really have anything, but you have health, you have life, you have people who care about you, who would miss you if you were not around.

Freddy is one of the most gifted persons I have ever met. Not because of what he had, but because of what he could give to others. He has given people around him many things. He has given them love but especially, he has given them hope. He used to tell me, “if I can make it like this, what’s your excuse?” Now, one thing that we as parents hope that our children don’t get, is some sort of health condition. But this is exactly what happened to a young girl called Claudya Fritska.

Claudya was diagnosed with eye cancer at just three-months-old. She beat cancer but was left without any sight. Despite this, she went on the biggest stage and was able to leave the judges in tears with her magnificent cover of a Celine Dion hit. Check it out!