Watch This Adorable Kitten Growing Up With His Doting Doggie Best Brother… TOO CUTE FOR WORDS!

Sometimes friends grow apart, but other times they grow together.

The latter seems to be the case for Koda, a kitten who befriended an older golden retriever named Keelo. This time-lapse video shows the pair’s friendship blossoming through Koda’s first eight months of life.

Their mommy says, “Here is a montage of clips of our rescued ginger kitten, Koda, growing up with our family’s Golden Retriever, Keelo. They were instant friends when we first brought Koda home (who was only about a month old at the time, and could fit perfectly in my hand!). 8 months have passed since then and they still continue to be as close as ever.”

Their bond is incredible and something I’ve never seen between a large dog and a tiny cat before!

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