Watch This Baby Koala When She Gets A Foster Brother. What A Cute Pair!

Imogen the koala was born a single child. The workers at Symbio Wildlife Park love the latest addition to their family. But when another baby koala, named Harry, who was younger, lost his mother there was a hard decision to make.

Hand rearing koalas is a difficult process, and the older the koala is the more likely that hand rearing will be safe. So the wildlife group decided that baby Harry would be looked after by Imogen’s mother, and that they would hand rear Imogen. It was the best choice for both of the baby koalas.

It all worked out for the best and both baby koalas are still happy and thriving. This video shows you Imogen’s daily routine. The time she spends with her caretakers is really adorable. I think you will really enjoy this video.

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