Watch this cute little puppy escape his kennel to meet a gigantic dog!

If you could have your pick over a very big dog or a very small dog. Which would your pick be? I don’t know, I think I have mixed feeling on this. If you had asked me this question as a kid, I would have probably chosen the small one. Growing up, I had this fascination with small things. If there was a toy, and it had a small or micro version of it, this is the one I wanted to get.

I think my fascination started once I got my first Micro-Machines car. That collection was my favorite car collectible of all time. What I loved about them was that you basically had a micro-version of every known car to date. They even had cars like the VW Beetle (the old one), and exotic cars, such as the Porsche or Ferrari. My collection started when I got my first Micro-Machines cat that happened to be a Ford Mustang.

Collecting small cars got me to collecting many other small things. I wanted to see everything that I could fund in my yard through a microscope my father had gotten me for Christmas. It was a toy one that really worked. The kit came with a package of instructions for things you could see that you could find in your own home. Like for instance, onion. There was this coloring that came in the package. You just put a few drops of it on the onion, and it would change its coloring, giving it a cool look.

Then, everything changed for me. I started to have a fascination for very big things. I watched a lot of movies about big monsters and wanted to have a big dog. Large dog breeds became a lot more interesting for me and I got to see a big dog quite often. One of my friends had a Great Dane, and I thought he was a beautiful dog. I had a lot of misconceptions about this breed that was quickly cleared up by my friend.

First, Great Danes are not scary or aggressive dogs. Quite the contrary. If you get a Great Dane, you are going to be getting the world’s largest lap dog. These dogs are absolutely massive but absolutely lovable. They are very gentle giants, and very playful, too. They love to sit on sofas, large beds, and cuddle up with their human friends.

Now, little dogs are quite the opposite. Sometimes, they get to be very nervous and will bark at anything that moves. Often, it will be more out of fear than aggression. What would happen if a large dog like a Great Dane met a mini-sized dog? Just watch!