Haunting Footage of A Hiking Trail Submerged Underwater. Wow!

In February 2018, there was an extraordinary amount of rain in Jardim, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. The footage in our video shows part of the hiking trail inside Recanto Ecológico Rio de la Plata (Natural River Park) that has been completely submerged due to the rainfall.

This area creates its own natural damming, which is why this trail has suddenly become an underwater attraction. The waters, as you can see, are crystal clear, which would seem unusual after a rain. However, this particular area has a heavy concentration of limestone (calcium carbonate) which naturally calcifies anything in the water, making it heavier and so falling to the bottom. The result is crystal clear waters.


When there has been a rain of such capacity that the local grounds are flooded, it is spectacular to see such clarity. You can see every detail of the walking bridge and the surrounding plants and trees that are normally above ground.

This was a rare event for the region, and we read that the water levels were back to normal on the same day! What an extraordinary event, and we are so lucky there was someone able to capture this stunning footage.

Haunting Footage of A Hiking Trail Submerged Underwater. Wow!