Watch this miracle Rhino who survived poachers and gave birth soon after

When we hear the word, “poachers,” our minds immediately think of African or Asian countries. These are the two continents where this practice most takes place, right? Not really. Poaching is a practice that happens in all 5 continents. The reasons are the same, it’s all about the money. Ever since commerce became the primary economic activity for nations, the black market has existed.

Places like the Amazons are known for great animal diversity. And this diversity is the one that people from around the world are willing to pay big bucks for it. And this is when poachers come to be. Poaching is, of course, illegal in South American countries, but there are a lot of people who are willing to risk a long prison sentence, for the possibility of earning a lot of money.

There was an incident that I recently watch on video. It was in an Asian country where many poachers have used as a trafficking highway. Airport official became very suspicious of a man who was attempting to cross their borders with a huge backpack. When officials inspected the man’s backpack, they found a baby cub who had been drugged, so he would be asleep during the trip

Officials discovered that this bear was intended to go to a bile camp. A cub’s bile is the main ingredient in the pharmaceutical industry over there. Some of these companies are still willing to pay big bucks for it. Poachers are willing to do whatever it takes to provide it to them, and this includes killing the baby’s mother, so they can kidnap the cub and send them to these farms.

Another animal that is the target of these people is the rhino. Their horns are often seen as the main ingredient to supposedly cure many diseased that go from cancer to infertility, to sexual, dysfunction. Many of the users of these remedies claim that it has really helped them live a better life, but many doctors are convinced that this is only a placebo effect.

To get the rhino’s horn, the animals are almost always killed. The following story tells you just how far a mother goes in order to protect her babies, even if they are still unborn. A mother rhino gets attacked by poachers and manages to survive the attack, which is rare by itself. What makes this story more incredible is that she manages to give birth shortly after. This is one of those stories that you need to believe!