Watch How Three Baby Goats Play With Each Other. But Don’t Take Your Eyes Off Of That Big Horse!

When it comes to animals nothing really surprises us. We expect them to do crazy, whacky things because that is what it seems they are always doing. Animals are wonderful and yet they are constant source of fascination for us, we just can’t get enough!

Animals are wonderful to have around and they mean so much to us. We just adore them and can’t get enough of them. We go out of our way to see them and want to learn as much as we can about them, no fact is too small or uninteresting.

So in this featured video you will meet some very fun little critters. There are three baby goats and a horse. You will be surprise to see how this horse reacts to these little baby goats. You would think that a larger and older animal would get annoyed and frustrated by having younger, more energetic animals around but not this guy.

This horse doesn’t seem to mind in the least that he has three little goats jumping all around him. One of the little guys actually jumps onto his back. Don’t worry this horse is a pro and this isn’t the first time that he’s had a little one jump on him. Thank goodness he is so patient and tolerant of these guys.

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