Watch Three Blind Women Gives Their View on Beauty

Dove Beauty Interview Three Blind Swedish WomenThese beautiful women explain how it took time to build self-esteem while coming to realize the full meaning of beauty more and more. With some of the most touching explanations ever discussed, this interview by Dove helps us all appreciate inner beauty more. As mentioned in the video, it’s hard to know beauty when you can’t see your own reflection.

It took a long time, but eventually, each of these women has come to the realization of what matters most. Warmth, humility, and love are traits that are exuding, showing beauty without the need for sight. These three beautiful people remind us that beauty is reflected by the choices that we make. We must choose to be warmer, kinder, more compassionate people, growing the light of beauty that’s within before we can be beautiful on the outside.

Dove interviews three blind Sweedish women to see how they see beauty in society. Anna Bergholtz, blind for 13-years, Ida Ostlund, visually impaired from birth and only able to see light and dark, and Naomi Allback who has been blind for 15-years, each share their views on beauty, and how it is so much more than most of us perceive.

Watch Three Blind  Women Gives Their View on Beauty