Watch two gorilla brothers get reunited after 3 years of being apart. Simply heartwarming!

Blood runs deep. If you ever had the chance of growing up with siblings, you’ll understand how true this saying can be. I was the youngest of three brothers and to be honest, I was always getting into trouble. Some of my best memories are of my brothers helping me out of those tight spots. It felt very good to know that there was someone there who loved you and would do anything for you.

I remember the first time it happened. I was playing in the schoolyard and being one of the shortest kids in my class, I had my fair share of bullying. Suddenly, a boy from about two grades over mine started pushing me. I didn’t understand what could have caused that reaction. I just told him to calm down and that apparently made him angrier.

He then gave me a big push and I landed on the floor. Then, before I could do anything, the bully got confronted by my brother who had seen the whole thing. At the time, my brother was also known for being very good at Tae Kwon Do. He had participated in many tournaments and a few exhibitions at school. He was at the time working his way to getting a black belt.

The bully didn’t know he was my brother but as soon as he saw him, he started to apologize. My brother didn’t even need to do anything. His sheer presence was enough to deter the bully and he never tried anything like that again. After my brother left, he even told me to let him know if there was anyone giving me a tough time because he would have my back

Many years later, my brother signed up for the Army. He did a total of 3 tours in Afghanistan and was stationed in Germany, South Korea, and several places in the United States. Every time my brother was deployed there was a part of me that went with him. I have always been incredibly proud of my brother, but his stay in the Army made me even prouder.

The bond between brothers is also present in the animal kingdom as you will find out with these two gorillas. They are brothers that were separated for about three years. The staff who reunited them were a little skeptical at first of the gorillas’ reaction when they saw each other, but they knew they were close. Watch this reunion that’s bound to make you shed a tear of joy!