Watch These Two Kittens Grow Up Together

Meet Monkey and Thunder, two adorable cat brothers who recently turned four-years-old and they have already lived a life that’s admirable. Taken into foster care at just six weeks old, these little brothers made their home with their foster family and treated the older cat in the house with respect while he suffered from cancer.

Monkey and Thunder even became the welcoming committee for new foster cats that needed homes, making sure they all felt just as loved and comfortable as they did. Thankfully these two cuties have been caught on video since they arrived at their foster mom’s house and we get to see the beautiful cats they’ve grown into. This sweet video is a wonderful tribute to Monkey and Thunder for their 3rd birthday with many more to come!

In this clip we see these two cats grow and learn. They entertain each other with play fights and they love to play with their toys. Monkey is especially mischievous and seems to love the camera. They are very adept at climbing on the screen door and cuddling in mom’s lap. They love massages and even clean each other’s ears. How convenient for mom because then she doesn’t have to do it! These two have also been great companions for other foster cats that have come through the home and they seem to readily accept them as part of the family.

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