Watch This Video Of A Funny Cat Teaching A Kitten About Friendship

Most of the time, cats are introverts or they just disappear for an hour or two, wandering around the house alone. But they can be friends too and this video shows how a cat teaches a kitten about friendship, in a unique, and well, rather biased way. This actually an ad for Friskies cat food, but it doesn’t matter. It’s a very clever cat teaching a clever kitten how to manipulate their human, and it’s adorable.

I never knew there were rules in befriending a human from a cat’s point of view. Let’s take it from the master feline!
Rule No. 1 – Be picky
Rule No. 2 – Friends are there in times of need. (As friends, we must do everything we can)
Rule No. 3 – You have to set limits.
Rule No. 4 – Be assertive.
Rule No. 5 – Talking is overrated.
Rule No. 6 – Dreamy cat on catnip loses rule number six, proving the human knows just how to manipulate the cat
Rule No. 7 – Friendships do have a kind of rhythm.

See how this cat portrays how to be somebody’s friend and just wait until you see how this beautiful cat explains all of these rules to the kitten. It is so clever, and I suspect, true. I wonder if a cat wrote this script. The second rule where he tells the kitten how their human is afflicted with something that renders them unconscious every night is hilarious, and it’s so cute how they wake her up in the morning.

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