Watch when 3 elderly men stagger on the stage until the music changes and the crowd cracks up!

You will be surprised at how many people are still big fans of Michael Jackson and his music, even years after he is no longer with us. Thanks to the magic of the Internet, many young generations can see what all the buzz was about back then. There is a reason that he was called, “The King of Pop.” His music and his dance moves took everyone by surprise. Many people believed that he was a man far ahead of his time.

Michael Jackson didn’t really have competition back then. He was in a league of his own. No other artist danced like Michael Jackson. Sure, that many performers tried to mimic his dance steps and got very close to how he did them. But when you saw Michael Jackson performing them, you knew that he was for real. I still remember watching that show where he performed the famous, “Moonwalk” for the first time.

No one expected that to happen. The world was pretty much used to Michael Jackson coming up with very ingenious and original dance steps, but that evening he would take it to a whole different level. I remember he was performing his hit, “Billie Jean.” It was one of those award shows, and his performance had been the most anticipated by the people in attendance.

He went through the song going over many cool dance steps until he got to the chorus and then did the moonwalk for the first time. He only did it then, but it made everyone in attendance question themselves to what they had just witnessed. People would say that it had looked as if he was walking, only that he was going backwards.

There were people who had taped the show and would review the recording to try to emulate the dance. This dance step was so ingenious that it had people trying it for weeks until there were a few of them that started to get the hang of it. These people were almost revered for their ability to pull this step off. It was hard, too. I remember trying to do it for months after I had recorded the dance step.

Being able to pull this step off would almost guarantee you celebrity status in your school. Of course, this was not the only dance step Michael Jackson made famous. There were many of them that people who dance today still try to emulate. Even elderly people will give them a go. Try seeing the guys in the following video without laughing.

They are dancing dressed in outfits that will look familiar to you. They appear to be having a tough time dancing as they are actually holding their backs as they dance. They are wearing a simple white t-shirt and jeans, white socks, and black shoes. Their costumes seem to be missing something, and that’s when the iconic single glove and trademark hat make their appearance. When they do, the audience gets the most entertaining performance they could ever hope for!