He watched after one elephant for a whopping 22 years. But when it’s time to say farewell…

National Geographic takes a look at this amazing elephant story. Shirley has been one lucky elephant! In all her life, the amazing elephant found her destination at one Sanctuary. The Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary may not be as exciting for you but for Shirley, it really meant the world. For more of a backstory we go deeper in this beautiful national Geographic epic.

Solomon James is one special man. He has taken care of Shirley for 22 whopping years. He works at the Louisiana Purchase Zoo. While taking care of her food, bathing her and make sure she is hydrated, and taken care of to the utmost possibilities of the staff. The tragedy of the duration of her care, will really break your heart. I know I shed a fear tears. Thankfully one man makes sure she isn’t alone. Solomon James really does his best to care for the giant whose love seems to be carefully reserved. She is very calm regardless of her situation, regardless of her being protected by the walls that are also her enclosure.

Sadly, Shirley, while being cared for exceptionally, hasn’t seen another elephant in more than two decades. With Solomon’s care, she hasn’t been too lonely, but still… to not see another of your species while in captivity has got to take a toll. To not be able to find a relatable or familiar friend around? I think it can be a bit disorienting. A sense of self is usually reaffirmed through people around you. Friends or sorts to help you through the time.

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