Watching This Cat Being Treated To His Favorite Fruit Makes Me Wish I Was Him

There’s a reason that cats are among the biggest stars to go viral. Ever since the first videos started coming out we could very well see their potential. Not everyone likes cats. Especially if you compare them to other animals like dogs. Many people say that cats are selfish… and they’re probably right. Others say that you never own a cat, a cat owns you. Cats see themselves as the predator in the pack.

They have several things going in their favor. To start, they are fearless. Have you seen all those videos of cats attacking much larger animals? The thing about a cat is that they don’t back down from a fight. They don’t follow the natural rules where the biggest one survives. In their minds, they are the biggest ones, no matter what the other looks like.

Comparing cats to dogs is like comparing apples to oranges. It’s not fair and it will never be the same. It’s not fair for neither of them. Dogs are very empathic with how the owner feels. Cats are… Well, they are cats. They don’t really care how you feel. At least that’s what people think.

The real thing is cats are just more independent emotionally. They don’t care if you’re mad at them because they broke something. In their mind, they broke something because they were entitled to do it. Their personality doesn’t come without a big dose of cuteness. Who doesn’t love to dress up their cats and shoot video? Cats can do very cute things. Once we see something that works with them, we stick to it forever.

When it comes to food, each cat is extremely different. This all starts with cat food. If you have more than one, you’ll know this. One cat’s favorite dinner is probably not the other cat’s favorite. What many owners do is they like to experiment. Give the kitty a little bit of food and see how he reacts. If you see funny reactions, then take out the camera. Take this next cat for example. His name is Mao.

He’s a very handsome cat who likes to eat a lot of different things. He already has his favorite dishes and honestly doesn’t like to switch it up that much. Of course, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like to be treated like a king. He will never shy away from bacon, a nice little steak or his favorite dessert. There is one thing that Mao has never tried: bananas. His owner grabs a banana and the camera. What happens next is pure magic!