After Watching Its Owner This Horse Started Dancing To Music, Watch What This Funny Horse Did! Priceless!

We love animals. There really is no easier way of saying it other than just announcing it the way it is. We love animals. We love them so much that we spend a good portion of time every day looking up different animal videos, and what we’ve found definitely hasn’t disappointed, in fact it has only spurred us on to look for even more.

There are all different types of videos out there but our favorite tend to be with animals that we are able to interact with the most. We’re talking about animals like dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and even horses. These are animals that have lots of different videos out there and we just love that we are able to watch as many as we like.

Whatever types of videos you like to watch involving animals, they are at your fingertips. There are all different types of animals doing all types of things and there are plenty of them that are more than just a little hysterical, that’s for sure!

This video we found is definitely one of our favorites. This one features a horse who is hanging out with their owner. Now we all know that horses are known for having quirky personalities. Horses have great personalities and love to let themselves be heard. Well this horse definitely loves to hang out with their owner and they definitely share a love of music.

This horse can be seen in their stall bobbing their head and getting down with a very popular pop song. Meghan Trainor “All About This Bass” can be heard playing in the back ground and this horse is busy busting moves to the popular song with their owner.

These two are just absolutely hilarious together, just watching this video will make you want to start dancing yourself, especially when you see their smooth moves.

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