After watching this video you will never see Taylor Swift the same way again

Taylor Swift pulling off this massive surprise literally made me emotional and happy. What she did for her fans is very inspiring. Imagine if all the celebrities did this, the world would definitely be a better place to live in.

However, this holiday gesture changes everything, taking her relationship with her “Swifties” to the next level. You may not be her biggest fan, but it’s impossible not to smile watching Taylor pull off this ultimate Christmas surprise. This is how to treat the people who support you and we enjoyed every second.

The reaction of each of her fans as they open the gifts from Taylor is very emotional, but I think what really means the most to them is that she took the time to write a personal note to each one of them on a Christmas card. These weren’t just a few lines that she threw together. She wrote a lengthy, personalized note mentioning something personal about each one that she learned from their social media pages.

The best part is when she personally visits a family at the end and kisses the small boy. That was super cute. His mother couldn’t believe Taylor was actually at her house. I really didn’t know much about her before watching this, but after watching this, I am definitely a fan.

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