The Water In Front Of The Door Couldn’t Stop This Cat From Doing THIS! That’s A Smart Kitty!

Mulder is a mischievous five-month-old kitten with an impressive talent that makes him a bit of a pain in his owner’s side. He can open any door around the house. Which is very impressive, considering cats don’t even have thumbs. I noticed the doorknobs are levers. I think this cat owner should change to round knobs to really test his cat’s intelligence!

Cats make great pets and are even used as therapy animals. One requirement of being a therapy animal is that the cat must not create a stressful environment or stress for the owner. In Mulder’s case, I don’t think he’s going to be a therapy cat any time soon! His owner has tried everything to stop this cat from opening doors. Everything but changing the knobs, I guess.

This clip starts with the owner putting Mulder in a room and closing the door. Then he grabs his camera and gets ready to film. He wants us to see just what he lives with every day! It is mere seconds before we hear Mulder on the other side of the door jumping up to hit the knob and open the door. It takes only two tries!

Next, watch what happens when they put a rather large tub of water in front of the door to make Mulder stop. Again, it takes only seconds for him to evaluate the situation and find a way around it! The 30 second mark is incredible!

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