The way these dogs react to finding cats sleeping in their beds will leave you in stitches

Cats are nothing if not shameless criminals. This doesn’t seem to bother cat fanciers, in fact they seem to admire their feline friends’ brazenness, audacity, and totally unrestrained id. One regrettably common and seldom punished offense is theft of dog beds. The crime wave has gotten so bad that there’s now a popular internet forum dedicated to raising awareness of the issue.

Cats love snug, cozy places: baskets, cardboard boxes, and secret locations in closets, and the like. However, there are times when a cat wants a spot that’s comfy but more spacious. After all, it’s always nice to have the option of stretching out and then going back to being curled up in a doughnut shape. Bedspreads serve admirably and couch cushions are pretty good, too. There’s no denying that cats can be downright adorable when they’re so obviously happy and relaxed.

However, as we’ve already alluded to, there is a sinister side to feline relaxation. The very best place for a cat to enjoy a snooze is a dog bed. They’re bigger than cat beds, allow for stretching out while at the same time, they have sides that create a sense of coziness. It also doesn’t hurt that dog beds are comfortable by design. So if a cat gets the urge to lounge on the dog’s bed, what does it do? Walks right over and takes it over, of course! In addition to having a comfortable place to nap, a cat also gets a chance to mess with the dog psychologically. The cat can demonstrate its dominance: a dog is usually too polite to complain and is also usually more afraid of the cat than it would like to admit.

Check out the hilarious video we’ve posted below. It’s a compilation of dogs discovering that the cat has “borrowed” their bed. Have any good tales of cats throwing their weight around? Let’s hear ’em in the comments at Facebook. Be sure to like and share. Your friends will get a big kick out of this crime drama.