The Way These Dogs React To Finding Cats Sleeping In Their Beds Will Leave You In Stitches

Cats are shameless criminals. People who like cats don’t seem to mind this at all. If anything, they have a sneaking (or frankly admitted) admiration for their feline friends’ brazenness, audacity, and totally unrestrained id. One of the worst crimes cats commit is stealing dog beds. This shocking offense is lamentably common and nearly always goes unpunished. It’s gotten so bad that there’s even a popular internet forum devoted to exposing and raising awareness of this furry crime wave.

Cats love small, cozy places. Baskets, cardboard boxes, and secret locations in closets are favorites. But sometimes a cat wants a comfy spot that’s more spacious, allowing for the option of stretching out or curling up in a doughnut shape, whatever feels good. Bedspreads are perfect for this. Couch cushions are great, too. And it has to be said that cats can be incredibly adorable when they’re doing this. They’re so happy and relaxed that it can’t help but rub off on us people.

But as we’ve already noted, there’s a sinister side to feline relaxation. A dog bed may be the very best place for a cat to lounge around. They’re bigger than cat beds, offering the option of stretching out and yet they have sides that can provide a sense of coziness. Plus, dog beds are comfortable by design. So what does a cat do if it feels like hanging out on a dog bed? It just walks right over and commandeers it! It’s also a great way to mess with the dog psychologically. Knowing that the dog is far too polite to complain — and is also more than a little bit afraid of the cat — the cat can demonstrate its dominance. In essence, the cat is saying, “I’ve taken over your bed because that’s what I felt like doing. You know and I know that you’ll never to do anything about it.”

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