The Way This Kitten Goes Down These Stairs Makes Me Laugh Every Time I See It! ROFL!

This kitten in the video is Rahni. She is a ragdoll cat and she will make your heart turn into a gooey mess by her overtly cute behavior. She seems to be only a few weeks old, so Rahni still has a lot things left to learn. She knows how to climb the stairs, but she can’t seem to get back down so perfectly. Or does she?

According to the owner, Rahni loves to tumble down the stairs and does it on purpose just to have fun. So she decided to record this rather unusual behavior. It seems Rahni is also a camera hog, because she seems to love the attention and even gives the camera a few swats from between the stair rails.

She tumbles and rolls and flops and slinks down. And it is so amusing to watch! She obviously seems to be enjoying it. Her owner did say she just can’t help herself! Her way of getting down the stairs will surely leave you in stitches! It’s pretty entertaining to watch.

This got me wondering if the cat ever goes down the stairs normally, but it doesn’t say in the text below this clip. What makes this clip even funnier is the “bangin 8 Polka” music the owner set the video to. It makes this cat’s antics that much funnier.

Such an adorable kitty! Hilarious and cute at the same time! Watch Rahni slinking down the stairs below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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