On Their Wedding Day This Bride And Groom Exchange Emotional Vows Of Faith

Do you remember the first wedding you attended? No two weddings are exactly the same. They usually reflect the interests of the couple getting married. Nonetheless, they are usually either fun and silly or filled with emotional sentimentality. Some weddings are a combination of the two; however, for the most part, one of these features will stand out more than the other.

From dancing or singing that makes you laugh to speeches and gestures that inspire tears, the general idea is to make the wedding day one that the couple and their well-wishers will never forget. You, no doubt, remember a few of the weddings that you have attended. I’m sure the same is true for Bailey, Joshua, and their family and friends present at their wedding.


Love was in the air, and it definitely was not just Bailey’s and Joshua’s. The rehearsal dinner brought on the waterworks with Bailey’s adorable younger brother among the family members falling victim. When he was to say a few words, he became teary-eyed, and his voice broke, bringing an end to his speech.

An outstanding point in all of this is how Bailey’s mother’s encouragement to be herself and not to try to “fit in” played an essential part in her finding her lifelong partner. Their incredible love for Jesus, each other, and family will leave you feeling inspired.


When you hear Bailey and Joshua make their vows to each other, it is clear that they intend to keep them forever. Congratulations to them as they embark on a new leg of life’s journey together. Here’s a story of how faith and love make life beautiful. You may want to grab a tissue before you watch this video that shows how beautiful true love can be.

On Their Wedding Day This Bride And Groom Exchange Emotional Vows Of Faith