Wedding day reconciliation: dad and stepdad set aside their differences

At a wedding, it’s customary for the father of the bride to walk her down the aisle. For Brittany Peck, a 21 year-old from Elyria, Ohio, this was a bit of a problem. Which dad? Her biological father or he stepfather?

15 years earlier, when Brittany was 6, her parents split up and it was a messy divorce complete with a custody battle that kept the lawyers on both sides busy. Brittany’s mom later remarried. Unfortunately, Brittany’s dad Todd Bachman and stepdad Todd Cendrosky did not get along at all. Relations between the two improved only slightly over the years. According to Cendrosky, “We did not get along, we tolerated each other. That’s probably the best way to describe it.” Bachman and Cendrosky were both good fathers and each had to grudgingly admit it of the other.

With her wedding day approaching, Brittany found herself torn. “I felt like maybe I needed to just pick. It was really, really tough.” She talked with her dad (Bachman) and he told her not to worry, he had a plan. Brittany was relieved but didn’t tell her mom or stepdad.

On Brittany’s wedding day, the two families got together, although there was a certain amount of tension in the air. Bachman was about to walk his daughter down the aisle when he suddenly stopped and walked over to Cendrosky and offered his hand. Cendrosky recalled the moment: “He said, ‘Hey, you had just as much a part of this as I did. You’re going to come and help me walk our daughter down the aisle.’ And that’s when I lost it.” Brittany’s mom Candace was also moved: “When Todd Bachman grabbed my husband’s arm, it really meant a lot to me. That was an awesome moment, it was magical, it was an outstanding thing to do… Deep down I really do believe he did this for Brittany.”

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