Her Wedding Seemed Normal; What Was Under Her Hair Reveals THIS And It Left Everyone Crying

For most everyone, hearing just three words from a doctor can completely turn your life upside down. “You have cancer.”

And for Susanne, these words couldn’t have come at a worse time. She was getting married to the love of her life in just a few months. And her cancer treatment would make her lose all of her hair.

Besides their wedding, Suzanne also seemed to lose hope of ever having the baby girl she dreamed of. The rare form of cervical cancer she got nearly shattered her dreams of making a family with her soul mate Jimmy.

When she first heard her diagnosis, she feared being bald at her wedding. But when the reality sunk in, she realized that having her baby girl might never become a reality.

Because the cervical cancer she had was extremely deadly and few people survived, the doctors needed to do everything they could to help her. This included removing her fallopian tubes.

Her hopes of having that darling baby girl quickly seemed to vanish before her eyes. She’d never get pregnant again.

But the doctors were able to harvest some of her eggs in the hopes that they could have a baby through a surrogate sometime later.

Despite the challenge, Jimmy never gave up on the love of his life. And shortly after their marriage, Suzanne went into remission.

When that happened, they finally could discuss having the baby girl they dreamed of. Can they make their dream a reality? Watch the video to see.

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