Well-Mannered Dachshund Wipes Her Wet Feet Before Coming Inside

Dogs don’t get the nickname “man’s best friend” for no reason. They’re gentle, entertaining, can help with physical and mental issues, and much more. Teaching them commands and tricks are all part of the job of owning a canine companion.

While most puppies learn the typical commands like “sit” and “stay,” one loving dog parent taught her little Dachshund an incredibly useful trick. Dixie is a friendly pup who loves to follow her owner around their yard.

This can lead to her little paws getting quite muddy. After seeing her human wipe their shoes on the mat before walking on wood floors, Dixie mimicked them to do the same. Whether she’s playing outside in wet grass or just got out of a bath, the adorable pup wipes her paws dry.

Pawprints are one of the most common complaints from dog owners. Dixie’s mom and dad don’t have to worry about her tracking around dirt, grime, or even water thanks to their smart pup, teaching herself how to stay dry. Now, all that’s left to figure out is how to train her to vacuum up dog hair.