He Went To Get His Cake. And Then He Saw The Baker Do THIS! Impossible!

Quenary Academy is an institute of baking and culinary art in the suburbs of Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. They still haven’t found that missing Malaysia Airlines plane but that’s old news. The hot stuff is this video demonstration of how to make a clay art cream cake!

If you hadn’t been forewarned, you would be liable to think that this was a sculptor trying to create his masterpiece. It’s a masterpiece alright, only the creator was a baker!
A good-looking cake is likely to sell more than a good-tasting cake. One may think that’s silly except it’s a fact of life. Baking a cake has become an art form and it makes great economic sense. Think about it – it certainly makes more sense than those artistic French Cuisinart servings, especially when it’s just a plate full of snails!

In the first part of this video the baker began by sculpting the cake. Quite impressive so far, what’s next? She came back with another sculpting tool, one after another. You’re not going to believe the end results. The two sides of this cake looked entirely different yet perfectly complimentary, simply irresistible!

It’s time for a show of hands. How many of you would buy this cake without any idea of how it tastes? Hold on! There are tens of thousands of raised hands. It’s going to take a while to count them all.